Why Should I Buy A Sapphire?


Natural Untreated Blue Sapphire B2285 Image

Whether you are in the market for a colored stone engagement ring, have your heart set on a sapphire engagement ring, or are simply looking for your next piece of fine gemstone jewelry; there are many reasons why you should choose to buy a sapphire over any of the other popular gemstones.  While sapphires can reach high prices like diamonds, buying a sapphire can still be far more affordable than buying a comparably sized diamond. That’s the first thing you need to know… A beautiful sapphire is far more affordable than a beautiful diamond. More affordable, and more rare! Especially when you choose a natural untreated sapphire, which you can own with pride as less than 1% of sapphires are left untreated. Though some may still preach that diamonds are a girl’s best friend forever; to have a rare and beautiful untreated blue sapphire holds the most true and factual prestige. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, sapphires are the intelligent woman’s confidant.  The woman who wears a sapphire knows what she has – a treasure high above the common hunk of carbon on every girl’s finger.

Pink Sapphire Ring Image 2

For a colored stone engagement ring, gemstone earrings, tennis bracelets, gemstone pendants, cocktail rings, and anything else you’d like to see your favorite color shine from; the multitude of sapphire colors and the one-and-only red of rubies are the wisest choice for gemstone jewelry, the beauty of which you want to last a lifetime. While you will be tempted by the colors of other popular gemstones like aquamarine, garnet, amethyst, emerald, tourmaline, etc. etc. None of those gemstones will match the combination of hardness, durability, brilliance, along with the extensive range of hues, tones, and levels of saturation that is found when it comes to sapphires and rubies. Though you may find the prices of other colored gemstones to be more appealing, you may find that same gemstone UN-appealing 5 years down the road when the facet junctions are heavily abraded, maybe some chips and scratches along the girdle of the stone, leaving you to either need the gem recut, or need a new stone altogether. This isn’t a joke; we see it all the time! Though sapphires aren’t indestructible, their beauty is guaranteed to last longer than all other gemstones, including diamond! That’s right, I said it, the beauty of a sapphire is guaranteed to last longer than a diamond. The reason: Diamonds naturally attract grease and wax, while repelling water, so diamond jewelry needs constant cleaning to maintain its beauty. Sure, sapphires will get dirty over time, but not as quickly as diamonds. Sapphires Win!!!

Natural Purplish Pink Sapphire. U7 Image


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What Does Sapphire Symbolize?


As an engagement ring, the blue sapphire specifically, has long been known to symbolize Faith, Loyalty and Fidelity making a blue sapphire perfect for not only a marriage proposal but for any relationship or agreement. Beyond the good virtues of marriage, sapphire has also been known as the stone of good fortune, protection, wisdom, royalty, and hope. While these descriptions are a nice thought to attach to your sapphire engagement ring, they are primarily one of the oldest sales tactics for crystals and gemstones still in use today practically unchanged.

Natural Untreated Padparadscha Sapphire CR2036 Image 2

Can you imagine 2000 years ago, how difficult it must have been to sell someone a rock? A pretty rock for sure, an uncut sapphire or ruby held up to a candle, but the bewildered customer would then ask the obvious question, “What is it?” followed by “Did you make it?” “Where did it come from” and finally “What is this pretty rock going to do for me?” These were difficult questions to answer, far more so than today given the gemological knowledge that we have. Two thousand years ago the ability to cut these gemstones was limited to rough crystals and cabochons, so even the selling of sapphires as personal adornment wasn’t easy. How do you sell something no one has ever seen and other than being beautiful, they may not really need? Answer: Put this ruby beneath your flesh and it will protect you in battle from swords and spears. Sold!!!

While it is easy to joke about our earliest entrepreneurs, it’s hard not to see and explore the possibility of truth to any of the powers of gemstones. While early salesmen described their sapphires as having virtuous powers, the ideas about the sapphire’s abilities were far older than the sales pitch. Perhaps somewhere in the list of meanings and cures for sapphire there is one that is true.  Along with many other gemstones, sapphires and rubies have been revered and drooled over by centuries of different people and different civilizations. There is something about rubies and sapphires that humanity is drawn to. There was an energy that created the gem, but the truth to that gem’s power, if any, is really a great mystery. The only definite is that gemstones like sapphires and rubies whether set in an engagement ring or even loose in the hand continue to inspire emotion and adoration as they have for thousands of years. When it comes down to it, if you can’t wrap your mind around the symbolism of sapphire, all you need to know is that you have a rare and beautiful gemstone. Should you believe that sapphire will bring you good fortune and faithfulness from your wife, perhaps it will.

Blue Sapphire Ring Image 2

“Warm, glowing rubies, or celestial-hued sapphires will to-day make a woman’s heart beat faster and bring a blush of pleasure to her cheek. Life will seem better worth living to here; and, indeed, this is no delusion, for life is what our thought makes it, and joy is born of gratified desire. Hence nothing that contributes to increasing the sum of innocent pleasures should be disdained; and surely no pleasure can be more innocent and justifiable that that inspired by the possession of beautiful natural objects.” – from The Curious Lore of Precious Stones, by G.F. Kunz, famed gemologist and Tiffany & Co’s V.P. of Gemology 1879-1932


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Modern Engagement Rings and Contemporary Sapphire Jewelry


I think it would be safe to say that today’s woman is in many ways more active than ever before. Often I’ve heard from women who say they are “rough on their jewelry,” and therein lies the concern of engagement ring design.  No longer are women limited to raised solitaire designs or other rings without full protection of the engagement stone; today’s modern designs add more function to the form.  Here are a few suggestions for the sailing, rock climbing, CEO, mother of three who’s rough on her jewelry, or anyone else wanting a stream-lined modern design.

Bezel Set Sapphire Engagement Rings


This is the obvious choice for full protection of your rare untreated sapphire or ruby. Perfect for the woman wanting a streamlined design suitable for whatever adventure lies in her path. The added benefit of the bezel setting is that it will make a shallow sapphire of light tone appear darker. Do you live in a cold weather environment? The bezel set sapphire engagement ring has no problem getting in and out of gloves!

The Solid Halo



Where the “Princess Diana” style ring lacks strength, is where the Solid Halo saves the day.  This style of setting, which can include a bezel set sapphire or claw prongs adds greater structural strength to that which is framing your sapphire. Unlike earlier diamond halos featuring individual settings for the diamonds, thus being susceptible to damage; the solid halo acts as a platinum bumper so both granite kitchen counter tops and executive desks won’t do their usual damage.

After already having to worry about their sapphire engagement rings, many women look for everyday sapphire earrings to wear that are comfortable, secure, and of course, matching their beautiful sapphire engagement ring. All of our modern and contemporary ring designs can be complemented by a pair of sapphire earrings, the possibilities are limitless.



Maybe, you’re looking for a modern piece of sapphire jewelry as a conversation piece, something to be worn with quiet distinction on your suit lapel, or something worn daring and confidently as a right hand sapphire ring. Either way you go, the modern designs of today still create a sense of forward moving prosperity for collectors and wearers alike. Sapphire brooches, sapphire bracelets and even long sapphire pendants are quickly coming back in to fashion for today’s woman.


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What is Milgrain Detail?


Milgrain Detail on Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

What is Milgrain?

Often described as, “you know, the little dots around the edges,” milgrain detail is essentially a rolled texture applied to a piece of jewelry’s edges by a jeweler. Not to be confused with the ancient art of granulation, that uses tiny spheres of metal fused in place to create design; milgraining is a technique of engraving. The jeweler’s knurling tool used to make milgrain looks like a tiny pizza cutter, with a wheel of tiny concave cutters.  When carefully pushed along the edge of a wedding band or engagement ring, the metal is formed into whatever shape the milgrain wheel is designed to cut. Most often these are small round bumps, but they can also be oval or square, and of varied sizes.


Those of us, who like milgrain detail, know why we like it. It gives any engagement ring an antique feel, to the eye and to the hand, as the texture applied to even a modern design allows for the feel of hand-engraved craftsmanship. The small polished spheres also add an extra bit of sparkle to the design.  If you’re not sure it’s your thing, don’t worry, you can always add it later!

While still a popular addition to sapphire engagement rings today; milgrain detail truly owes its fame to the Edwardian period of jewelry from 1901 – 1915. For jewelry, this was the time of the newly invented Acetylene torch which gave jewelers the ability to create incredibly intricate works of art using platinum. So fine was the detail of Edwardian era platinum jewelry, that its resemblance to lace was clearly the goal. The knurling tool used for milgrain was used extensively for adding borders as well as cleaning up rough lines after stone setting and engraving.  When World War I began, jewelers slowed their work on platinum, as the rare precious metal had to be used for the war efforts.  Milgrain detail thus was lost from jewelry for some time, coming back somewhat during the Art Deco period, but certainly not with as much exuberance as during the Edwardian era.  I must say it is odd and interesting that milgrain detail has seen such a resurgence in popularity during this early part of the 21st century, as it was just 100 years ago that milgrain detail first exploded in the jewelry market.

While many companies are now using machines to expedite this engraving technique, the jewelers from The Natural Sapphire Company continue to create milgrain detail by hand.  It is a common request to either add milgrain detail to a custom designed sapphire engagement ring, or to leave the edges clean and simple.  When you have your sapphire engagement ring custom designed by The Natural Sapphire Company, we can create a one-of-a-kind, flash to the past or modern contemporary sapphire engagement ring, with or without milgrain detail. If you like a design we have but only want half the amount of milgrain that can be arranged as well! Let our Sales Team and Design Team help you realize the sapphire ring in your mind.

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Right Hand Rings


Right Hand Blue Sapphire Ring

You don’t have to be getting married to adorn yourself with a sapphire ring, and right hand sapphire rings can be as unique, simple, or extravagant as you like. While the famous/infamous cocktail ring can be considered a Right Hand Ring, not all right hand rings need catch everyone’s eye with their size; perhaps a sapphire pinky ring would be more your style.  Here at The Natural Sapphire Company we believe everyone deserves a sapphire, and whether you are shopping for a gift or something for yourself, we have an incredible array of options for you to choose from, as well as endless custom design possibilities. Dainty right hand sapphire rings also make great gifts for the birthdays and accomplishments of children, and young women alike.

Our selection of right hand sapphire rings includes a range of design styles and a range of price points. You’ll find sapphire rings for everyday wear and large sapphire and ruby rings to really make a statement. Keep an eye on our inventory of vintage and estate jewelry for timeless right hand ring classics; some of the most beautiful sapphire and ruby jewelry is professionally photographed, videoed,  and is just a few clicks away….or just one.                                         

Blue Sapphire Ring ImageRuby Ring Image 2


If you’ve reserved the spot on your right hand for a slightly bigger investment, perhaps you will consider one of our sapphire cocktail rings. While meant to be worn on the dominate hand, that being the one holding your cocktail; obviously the sapphire cocktail ring is not solely a right hand ring. Star sapphires and star rubies have been used to great benefit in cocktail rings since the 1920’s, as well as gypsy-set in pinky rings for hundreds of years.  Sapphire Cocktail rings can go one of two ways. First, you could choose the large honkin’ sapphire or star sapphire, or even a uniquely colored cabochon. Instead, you could use smaller stones in a larger design. Our custom design team is ready to create an incredible sapphire cocktail ring that will either take you back in time, or simply accentuate the cocktails of the 21st century.

Blue Sapphire Ring Image 2Yellow Sapphire Ring Image 2Ruby Ring Image 2

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White Sapphire Engagement Rings


Begin By Choosing Your White Sapphire

Before the days of such horrid things as synthetic diamonds, and synthetic cubic zirconia (CZ), the most popular imitation for diamonds was the natural white sapphire. Still maintaining its status as a natural and precious gemstone, and delivering exceptional hardness and brilliance; white sapphires are still the most obvious and beautiful alternative to diamonds. Whether it is your budget that concerns you or the worry of your possible diamond not being conflict-free; a white sapphire engagement ring can be as beautiful as you’d imagine any diamond engagement ring could be. Don’t let the name fool you, as white sapphires are colorless just like a D-F color diamond. Some white sapphires may have a velvety appearance caused by the natural rutile silk inclusions within the gemstone.

Unique Sapphire Ring Image 2

Here at The Natural Sapphire Company, we have a vast selection of natural white sapphires to choose from; both stones that have been heated to improve their clarity, and stones that were left untreated making them more rare. The rarity of an untreated sapphire will make your engagement ring shine with a secret light called Prestige. Even the diamond you were considering does not come close to the rarity of an untreated white sapphire.  Now to be fair, the white sapphire will not be as brilliant and fiery as the diamond and that is something to take into consideration; however the desire for fire or correctly, dispersion, can be accomplished with many of our unique and custom engagement ring settings by adding a diamond halo, pave-diamonds, or even diamond side stones in a three stone sapphire engagement ring.  In total you will have the exceptional rarity of the untreated white sapphire, with the lights-camera-action of the diamonds to alert the eye’s attention to the truly more precious gem. Should you feel diamonds are an unnecessary accompaniment, you can find numerous options from our engagement ring settings besides the most common solitaire.

Because of the demand for diamonds and the far less expensive, though synthetic options; natural white sapphires have been somewhat overshadowed. That said, white sapphires maintain a strong following of knowledgeable admirers and collectors. White sapphires are pure corundum without any of the trace elements like iron, titanium, or chromium. It only takes a few hundredths of a percent of the trace elements iron and titanium to cause the blue color in corundum, so in Nature’s kitchen, white sapphires are very rare.  Consider this as an analogy: imagine a factory churning out chocolate chip cookies. The cookie factory makes 10,000,000 chocolate chip cookies per year, but 100 of those cookies come out of the oven without any chocolate chips. In Nature’s kitchen, even the seemingly impossible is possible, and the pure impossibly-possible beauty of a natural untreated white sapphire is undeniable.

Natural Untreated White Sapphire U4482 Image

Let us begin your white sapphire engagement ring today. Our Sales and Design teams are standing by…

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What Are The Birthstones?


January: Garnet      April: Diamond     July: Ruby     October: Opal & Tourmaline

February: Amethyst    May: Emerald   August: Peridot   November: Topaz & Citrine

March: Aquamarine     June: Pearl & Alexandrite      September: Sapphire

December: Turquoise, Zircon, & Tanzanite

Dating back thousands of years, with origins believed to be from the breast plate of Aaron and the twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel as described in the Book of Exodus; most of the history regarding the birthstones is a mystery. There are various beliefs related to birthstones, and some lists are different, even having fewer stones as in Vedic Astrology, which abides by a list of 9 stones related to 9 planets. Vedic Astrology is a whole different subject all together, and much can be learned from our own report on the subject within our section on Sapphire Lore, http://www.thenaturalsapphirecompany.com/education/sapphire-lore/sapphires-and-jyotisha-vedic-astrology/

Natural Untreated Yellow Sapphire Y3021 Image

 The assignment of gemstones to symbolize the birth month is believed to have begun in the 18th century; however the current list of birthstones was completed in 1912 by the National Association of Jewelers, with the relatively recent addition of Tanzanite as an option for December.  So, really when it comes down to it, birthstones are a sales tactic. With that new information, you may be saying, “well, now what?”

People like their birthstones, even if they know it’s a sales tactic, they like feeling a connection to their stone. The connection however doesn’t need to be associated with your birth month specifically. Why not revel in the connection you have to your favorite color? Why do you love the color green? You may love the color green, unknowingly, because long ago someone told you emerald was your birthstone, and thus you were connected to the color green. Or, perhaps you are a lover of the outdoors, or gardening. Or maybe you’re just Irish. Either way, though the green of a fine emerald is certainly an appealing hue; emerald is not the only option for green gemstones. That goes for any of the listed birthstones… What you like about your birthstone – the color, the brilliance, or whatever special properties it may have, can be accomplished or at least come close to being accomplished by one gemstone, and that gemstone is Sapphire.


The New Birthstones – (All Sapphires & Rubies) 

Now you might be asking yourself, “Is this guy telling me to forget birthstones, just so he can sell more sapphires?”  Yes, yes I am.  However I’m not saying forget about birthstones simply because the list is a meaningless sales tactic. As a gemologist and jeweler, I believe it is my ethical responsibility to inform my customer of the truth, and the truth is, as far as every day jewelry is concerned, that is, if you plan to wear your gemstone as an engagement ring, or are at all rough on your jewelry, or are wanting to make a better, wiser, and longer lasting investment of your money; there is no better option than a sapphire. “What about diamond?” you ask. Come on, let’s get real… When it comes to sapphires and rubies; diamonds are like the Baby’s Breath in a dozen roses.

Here’s the new list:

January: Natural Ruby or Red Rose Sapphire – Your old birthstone was red, now you have the same color, as well as a harder & more durable gemstone. May: Green Sapphire – Jackie O’ had an emerald engagement ring, but how much “heavy lifting” did she do. Today’s modern woman needs a gem that won’t shatter with one knock against their desk. September: Sapphire – now a lot of people assume that they have to have a blue sapphire for their birthstone. Then again, some may not even realize that sapphires come in virtually every color. What’s your favorite?
February: Purple Sapphire  - the color of amethyst, with the brilliance that makes amethyst jealous. June: Silver Sapphire cut en cabochon, or the rare Color Change Sapphire.  Pearls are soft and susceptible to damage. Alexandrite is either $40,000 per carat, or not as pretty as you’d like it to be. October: Star Sapphire, Star Ruby, or Color Change Sapphire – the old birthstone, Opal, owes its fame to its play-of-color. Opal is in a category of gems called Phenomenal Gemstones, which includes star stones and color change stones. October is sort of a mysterious month – embrace that why don’t you.
March:  Ice Blue Ceylon Sapphire – most Aquamarine is heated, we have plenty of rare untreated light blue sapphires to meet March Babies demand. July: Ruby. Perfect! November:  Padparadscha Sapphire – Before Padpapradshcas found popularity, people thought topaz was so amazing, they didn’t realize what they were missing.
April:  White Sapphire – add a diamond halo so she still feels spoiled, then she’ll get the fire, and the big gem, and your wallet’s not empty August: Lime Green Sapphire – don’t even get me started on Peridot. While jumping In the pool isn’t advised with any jewelry; the chlorine in your pool will literally eat your peridot. So, yeah, Sapphire wins again. December:  Montana Sapphires – because it’s about time those beautiful American sapphires get some recognition.





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The Natural Sapphire Company Seal: Expletus Fides Calculu


Comprised of elements from the Arnstein Family Crest and symbols of our company’s values and pursuits; the seal of The Natural Sapphire Company coat visible throughout our website and correspondence has been a reminder to us over the years of why we are in the wonderful  business of natural sapphires. We see the seal each day we arrive at work, and know by our motto Expletus Fides Calculu – loosely translated to “The Finished Stone of Good Faith” – that our reason for being here is more than a job and a means to an end, but a calling of passion for the beautiful natural sapphires we search the world for to bring their beauty to you. The Natural Sapphire Company specializes in the rare natural untreated sapphire; fresh from the earth that formed it over millions of years, cut and polished, and set for you in a one of a kind sapphire engagement ring. It sounds so simple, but it took earth and our company quite a lot of work to make that happen. We are proud of the work we and earth have done! Since 1939, it has not only been the sapphires we love, but the jewelry we put them in, and the customers who love and appreciate them. Your appreciation for the gems we hold dear is what has kept us going, so that we can continue to bring you the finest, as well as the most rare and unique sapphires and rubies, as well as educate the world about our favorite gemstones.  For your appreciation of sapphires, we thank you.